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Pictures and Math Formulas

* Imported Pictures * Local Pictures * Formulas * DraTeX

Imported Pictures

\Picture[replacement-for-text-browser]{file-name attributes}

This command references pictorial files.


Local Pictures

\Picture+[replacement-for-text-browsers]{file-name attributes}content\EndPicture

This command produces a picture for the specified content, and provides the specified name to the file that holds the picture. If no name is provided, the system assigns a name of its own.


The component `[replacement-for-text-browsers]' may be omitted in cases that system-produced replacements are desired. In such cases, the `+' should be replaced with `*' for the replacements to be preformatted.


$...$, $$...$$

These delimiters ask for text-based formulas.

\(...\), \[...\]

These delimiters ask for pictorial formulas (also in TeX).


If present, the utility DraTeX should be loaded before TeX4ht.sty.


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