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Tables of Contents

\tableofcontents[unit-1,unit-2,...] (LaTeX)
\TableOfContents[unit-1,unit-2,...] (TeX)

These variants of the \tableofcontents and \TableOfContents commands specify the kinds of entries that should be included in the tables.



This directive asks for a local table of contents at each division created by the \at-unit command. The tables should include entries of types \unit-1, \unit-2,..., and terminate upon reaching a \at-unit, \until-unit-1, \until-unit-2,... command.

Within the TocAt instruction, the starred commands of LaTeX should be referenced with the prefix `like' instead of the postfix of `*', and appendices through the entry `appendix'.


A postfix `>' on \CutAt asks that the tables of content will appear after the preamble of the logical unit.


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