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Hypertext Pages


This command dedicates a hypertext page for the specified content, to be accessed through the given button.


The \ExitHPage{...} command may be employed within the content to create exit buttons.



This directive asks the sectioning commands \at-unit to place their units in separate hypertext pages. The pages are to terminate upon encountering any of the commands in the list \at-unit, \until-unit-1, \until-unit-2,...


Within the CutAt instruction, the starred commands of LaTeX should be referenced with the prefix `like' instead of the postfix of `*'.

A plus character `+' before the leading parameter requests buttons that link to the hypertext pages (e.g., `\CutAt{+section}').

The `next' option of \Preamble, and the outcome of the `\Configure{crosslinks}...' command, apply also to the links created for the current pages.

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