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Customized Configurations

* Access to Html * LaTeX Environments * Section Heads * Cross Links * Headers and Bodies

Access to Html

As its name attests, TeX4ht is a tool for authoring hypertext documents from TeX-based applications. To fully utilize its power, the user should have some familiarity with the target html language.


This command offers the means to incorporate the specified code into the target document.


\ifHtml true-part \else false-part \fi

This command selects the true part in html mode of compilation, and the false part in non-html mode of compilation. The \else is optional when the false part is empty.

LaTeX Environments

\ConfigureListOf {list-name} {before-list} {after-list} {before-label} {after-label}

TeX4ht offers default html output for the list-environments `\begin{list}...\end{list}' and `\begin{trivlist}...\end{trivlist}', and for environments that directly or indirectly are built from such lists. The \ConfigureListOf command may be used to change this configuration.


The `description', `itemize', and `enumerate' environments are the more obvious extensions of the `list' and `trivlist' environments.+

The `verse', `quotation', `quote', `center', `flushleft', and `flushright' are examples of non obvious extensions. The latter extensions are made up in LaTeX from a single-item lists, to get the appearance of displayed paragraphs.


\ConfigureEnv  {environment-name} {before-environment} {after-environment} {before-list} {after-list}

If either before-environment or after-environment is not empty, then these parameters specify insertions that should be placed before and after the specified environment.


If the parameter before-list or the parameter after-list is not empty, a call is made to \ConfigureListOf {list-name} {before-list} {before-label} {} {} for configuring the list that makes the environment.


Section Heads

\Configure{sections} {before-part}{after-part} {before-chapter}{after-chapter} {before-section}{after-section} {before-subsection}{after-subsection} {before-subsubsection}{after-subsubsection}

This command configures the appearance of the titles of the sectioning commands \part, \chapter, \section, subsection, and \subsubsection of LaTeX, and of the sectioning commands \Part, \Chapter, \LikeChapter, \Section, \LikeSection, \SubSection, and \SubSubSection that option `sty' introduces to TeX. The configuration is made only for cases in which a non-empty `before-' or `after-' code is provided.+


Cross Links

\Configure{crosslinks} {left-delimiter} {right-delimiter} {next} {prev} {prev-tail} {front} {tail} {up} 

This command configures the appearance of the cross-links between hypertext pages of hierarchical documents.


Headers and Bodies

\Contribute{@HEAD} {...}

This command determines the contribution to the headers of future html files.


\Contribute{BODY} {...}

This command determines the contribution to the <BODY> commands of future html files.


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