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Additional Options


In its default setting, TeX4ht asks the sectioning commands to typeset the titles into buttons that link to a table of contents. The current parameter disables this request.



This option asks for the font changes in the source file to be echoed in the html output. To ensure well behaved output, fonts in source files should be activated within dedicated groups.


TeX4ht modifies the implementation of `_' and `^' to create subscripts and superscripts in non pictorial formulas--a modification that occasionally might clash with other interpretations in the source documents. The current option asks TeX4ht not to modify the implementations of these commands.


This option asks TeX4ht avoid translating \halign tables into html. The system is not capable of dealing with all cases, and it might even crash when unfamiliar cases are encountered.


These option ask for a pictorial representations to the outcome of the \displaylines command.


This parameter notifies TeX4ht that the document contains PicTeX pictures.

jpg, png

These options ask for extension `jpg' and `png', respectively, instead of `gif', for automatically created files of pictures.

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