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Getting Started with LaTeX

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Source Documents

For the simplest setting, the only change needed in a source LaTeX file is just replacing the `\begin{document}' command with the code `\input TeX4ht.sty \Preamble{html} \begin{document} \EndPreamble' (the `\Preamble{...}' command determines which environment TeX4ht should load).




Besides for the `html' option, we may specify other options in the \Preamble command. The different options should be separated by commas and, unless otherwise is specified, they should not include spaces. The following are some of the meaningful options for LaTeX.

1, 2, 3, 4

These options ask for an hierarchical html document of the specified depth, based on the logical units of parts, chapters, sections, subsections, and subsubsections.



This option asks that the `next' and `prev' links will assume sequential meaning, instead of hierarchical, within hierarchical documents.


pic-array, pic-eqnarray, pic-tabbing, pic-tabular

These options ask for pictorial, instead of tabular, representations for the specified environments.


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