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Establishing a Port

A port can be established in the following manner.

  1. Download TeX4ht.sty
  2. Download tex4ht.c, and compile the source file into an executable tex4ht program.
  3. Download tex4ht.env to a directory. Modify the file to meet the setting of your environment.
  4. Download the htf files to a directory.
  5. Establish a dvi-to-picture utility.
  6. Establish a driver for the dvi-to-picture utility.

The simplest setting is probably the one which puts the style file `TeX4ht.sty', the executable file tex4ht (compiled directly from `tex4ht.c' without assigning values to environment variables), `tex4ht.env', a dvi-to-picture utility, and the htf files in a single directory accessible from the work directory. In such a case, one might need only modify slightly tex4ht.env before start working with the system.