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TeX4ht: TeX and LaTeX for Hypertext

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TeX4ht is a highly configurable TeX-based authoring system for hypertext. It comes with a built-in default setting for plain TeX and LaTeX.

General Notes

Setting a Working Environment

For the system to run it needs a port. Gertjan Klein contributed a port for PC-DOS. A partial port for PC-DOS, and two ports for Unix, are provided here. Alternative ports for PC-DOS, Unix, and other platforms can be established in a similar manner.

Steven Zeil offers improvements for the above settings.


TeX4ht consists of many commands, and its objective is to provide a friendly programmable setting to users of different levels of sophistication. The following are some of its main features. A full documentation is under preparation, but months from being completed.

Getting Started with LaTeX 
   Source Documents
Getting Started with TeX 
   Source Documents
Additional Options 
Customized Configurations 
   Access to Html
   LaTeX Environments
   Section Heads
   Cross Links
   Headers and Bodies
Hypertext Pages 
Tables of Contents 
User-Defined Sectioning Commands 
Pictures and Math Formulas 
   Imported Pictures
   Local Pictures
Html Tables 
AmsTeX and AmsLaTeX 
   Source Documents
Literate Programming (with ProTeX) 
Additional Examples 

A Few Products

* Boot Control: alternative MBR software (LaTeX; Klein) * TeXProject: A Mini Manual (LaTeX; Bressan & Gurari) * cis230: C++ (TeX) * cis625: Theory of Computation (TeX & a book in LaTeX) * cis756: Compiler Construction (TeX) * This document (TeX)


* TeX: introduction, commands, pointers * LaTeX: introduction, commands * HTML: Wilbur (3.2), Cougar, 3.0, 2.0, beginner's guide * JavaScript: manual, pointers * Java: pointers * Validator: Web Techs, Kinder, Gentler, Spyglass


* LaTeX2HTML (Nikos Drakos) 1 * Ltoh (Russell Quong) 2 * Hyperlatex (Otfried Schwarzkopf) 3 * Vulcanize (Mark-Jason Dominus) 4 * Tex2RTF (Julian Smart) 5 * Dlh (David Mosberger) 6 * Tth (Ian Hutchinson) 7 * tex2html (Dorai Sitaram) 8 * HyperTeX 9 * Pdftex (Han The Tanh) 10 * Idvi (Garth A. Dickie) 11 * TechExplorer 12 * HtmlScript 13


I am very grateful to Gertjan Klein for developing utilities to support TeX4ht on DOS platforms, for helping me make TeX4ht more portable in general and to DOS platforms in particular, and for numerous detailed comments and suggestions regarding the presentation of the LaTeX component of TeX4ht.

Eitan M. Gurari
June 2, 1997