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Old internal commands


A number of LaTeX 2.09 internal commands have been removed, since their functionality is now provided in a different way. See LaTeX2e for Class and Package Writers for more details of the new, supported interface for class and package writers.

\tenrm \elvrm \twlrm ...
\tenbf \elvbf \twlbf ...
\tensf \elvsf \twlsf ...

These commands provided access to the seventy fonts preloaded by LaTeX 2.09. In contrast, LaTeX2e normally preloads at most fourteen fonts, which saves a lot of font memory; but a consequence is that any LaTeX file which used the above commands to directly access fonts will no longer work.

Their use will usually produce an error message such as:

   ! Undefined control sequence.
   l.5 \tenrm
The cure for this is to update the document to use the new font-changing commands provided by LaTeX2e; these are described in LaTeX2e Font Selection.

If this is not possible then, as a last resort, you can use the rawfonts package, which loads the seventy LaTeX 2.09 fonts and provides direct access to them using the old commands. This takes both time and memory. If you do not wish to load all seventy fonts, you can select some of them by using the only option to rawfonts. For example, to load only tenrm and tenbf you write:


The rawfonts package is distributed as part of the LaTeX tools software, see Section 2.4.

Rainer Schoepf
Thu Jan 8 11:53:27 MET 1998