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There is a new command, \suppressfloats, and a new `float specifier'. These will enable people to gain better control of LaTeX's float placement algorithm.

\suppressfloats [<placement>]

This command stops any further floating environments from being placed on the current page. With an optional argument, which should be either t or b (not both), this restriction applies only to putting further floats at the top or at the bottom. Any floats which would normally be placed on this page are placed on the next page instead.

The extra float location specifier: !

This can be used, along with at least one of h, t, b and p, in the location optional argument of a float.

If a ! is present then, just for this particular float, whenever it is processed by the float mechanism the following are ignored:

The mechanism will, however, still attempt to ensure that pages are not overfull and that floats of the same type are printed in the correct order.

Note that its presence has no effect on the production of float pages.

A ! specifier overrides the effect of any \suppressfloats command for this particular float.

Rainer Schoepf
Thu Jan 8 11:53:27 MET 1998