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This increase in the range of applications of LaTeX has highlighted certain limitations of the current system, both for authors of documents and for designers of formatting styles.

In addition to the need to extend the variety of classes of document which can be processed by LaTeX, substantial enhancements are necessary in, at least, the following areas:

Further analysis of these deficiencies has shown that some of the problems are to be found in LaTeX's internal concepts and design. This project to produce a new version therefore involves thorough research into the challenges posed by new applications and by the use of LaTeX as a formatter for a wide range of documents, e.g.  SGML documents; on-line PDF documents with hypertext links.

This will result in a major re-implementation of large parts of the system. Some of the results of such rethinking of the fundamentals are already available in Standard LaTeX, notably in the following areas:

Rainer Schoepf
Thu Jan 8 11:52:57 MET 1998