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Font file loading information


The information which tells LaTeX exactly which font (.tfm) files to load is contained in the <loading-info> part of a \DeclareFontShape declaration. This part consists of one or more <fontshape-decl>s, each of which has the following form:


The <number-or-range> denotes the size or size-range for which this entry applies.

If it contains a hyphen it is a range: lower bound on the left (if missing, zero implied), upper bound on the right (if missing, tex2html_wrap_inline1110 implied). For ranges, the upper bound is not included in the range and the lower bound is.



If more than one <size-info> entry follows without any intervening <font-info>, they all share the next <font-info>.

The <size-function>, if present, handles the use of <font-info>. If not present, the `empty' <size-function> is assumed.

All the <size-info>s are inspected in the order in which they appear in the font shape declaration. If a <size-info> matches the requested size, its <size-function> is executed. If \external@font is non-empty afterwards this process stops, otherwise the next <size-info> is inspected. (See also \DeclareSizeFunction.)

If this process does not lead to a non-empty \external@font, LaTeX tries the nearest simple size. If the entry contains only ranges an error is returned.

Rainer Schoepf
Thu Jan 8 11:52:24 MET 1998