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The file ltxdoc.cfg can be used to customise some aspects of the behaviour of the ltxdoc class; this class is used to typeset the documented code in the .dtx files. If this file is present then it is read in at the beginning of the file ltxdoc.cls.

As this file is read before the article class is loaded, you may pass options to article. For example the following line might be added to ltxdoc.cfg to format the documentation for A4 paper instead of the default US letter paper size.

You should note however, that even if paper size options are specified, the ltxdoc class always sets the \textwidth parameter to 355pt, to enable 72 columns of text to appear in the verbatim code listings. If you really need to over-ride this you could use:
\AtEndOfClass{\setlength{\textwidth}{ ...}}
To set the \textwidth to your desired value at the end of the ltxdoc class.

By default, most of the .dtx documented code files in the distribution will produce a `description' section followed by full source listing of the package. If you wish to suppress the source listings you may add the following line to ltxdoc.cfg:


The documentation of the ltxdoc package, which may be typeset from the file ltxdoc.dtx, contains more examples of the use of this configuration file.

Rainer Schoepf
Thu Jan 8 11:52:05 MET 1998