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3.2 Extra entries outside the matrix

It is possible to put extra entries in your diagrams that are not part of any "entry" of the matrix created by & and \\. This is done with the excursion command

\save t \restore

where t should be a target in one of the formats described in sections 2.5-2.6. t can do any kind of typesetting desired, for example,

 A \ar@{-}[dr]
     This is a very big commentary
     but it does not otherwise affect
     the diagram.}
     \ar[l] \ar[d] \restore \\
 & B \ar@{-}[r] & C \ar@{-}[r] & D
will typeset


It illustrates how a "down" arrow does not necessarily have to point particularly straight down - in this case because it is based in the displaced pseudo entry.


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