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Where to go for more help

If you can't find the answer for your problem here, try looking in LaTeX: A Document Preparation System or The LaTeX Companion. If you have a problem with installing LaTeX, look in the installation guide files which come with the distribution.

If this doesn't help, contact your local LaTeX guru or local LaTeX mailing list.

If you think you've discovered a bug then please report it! First, you should find out if the problem is with a third-party package or class. If the problem is caused by a package or class other than those listed in Section 2 then please report the problem to the author of the package or class, not to the LaTeX3 project team.

If the bug really is with core LaTeX then you should create a short, self-contained document which exhibits the problem. You should run a recent (less than a year old) version of LaTeX on the file and then run LaTeX on latexbug.tex. This will create an error report which you should send, together with the sample document and log file, to the LaTeX bugs address which can be found in the file latexbug.tex or bugs.txt.

Rainer Schoepf
Thu Jul 31 16:46:28 MEST 1997