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New error messages

LaTeX2e has a number of new error messages. Please also note that many error messages now produce further helpful information if you press h in response to the error prompt.

Option clash for package <package>.

The named package has been loaded twice with different options. If you enter h you will be told what the options were, for example, if your document contained:

then you will get the error message:
   Option clash for package fred.
and typing h at the ? prompt will give you:
   The package fred has already been loaded with options:
   There has now been an attempt to load it with options:
   Adding the line:
   to your document may fix this.
   Try typing <<return>> to proceed.
The cure is, as suggested, to load the package with both sets of options. Note that since LaTeX packages can call other packages, it is possible to get a package option clash without explicitly requesting the same package twice.

Command <command> not provided in base NFSS.

The <command> is not provided by default in LaTeX2e. This error is generated by using one of the commands:

   \mho \Join \Box \Diamond \leadsto
   \sqsubset \sqsupset \lhd \unlhd \rhd \unrhd
which are now part of the latexsym package. The cure is to add:
in the preamble of your document.

LaTeX2e command <command> in LaTeX 2.09 document.

The <command> is a LaTeX2e command but this is a LaTeX 2.09 document. The cure is to replace the command by a LaTeX 2.09 command, or to run document in native mode, as described in Section 4.3.

NFSS release 1 command \newmathalphabet found.

The command \newmathalphabet was used by the New Font Selection Scheme Release 1 but it has now been replaced by \DeclareMathAlphabet, the use of which is described in LaTeX2e Font Selection.

The best cure is to update the package which contained the \newmathalphabet command. Find out if there is a new release of the package, or (if you wrote the package yourself) consult LaTeX2e Font Selection for the new syntax of font commands.

If there is no updated version of the package then you can cure this error by using the newlfont or oldlfont package, which tells LaTeX which version of \newmathalphabet should be emulated.

You should use oldlfont if the document selects math fonts with syntax such as this:

{\cal A}, etc.
Use newlfont if the document's syntax is like this:
\cal{A}, etc.

Text for \verb command ended by end of line.

The \verb command has been begun but not ended on that line. This usually means that you have forgotten to put in the end-character of the \verb command.

Illegal use of \verb command.

The \verb command has been used inside the argument of another command. This has never been allowed in LaTeX--often producing incorrect output without any warning--and so LaTeX2e produces an error message.

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Rainer Schoepf
Thu Jul 31 16:46:28 MEST 1997