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If you need to know more ...

The tracefnt package provides for tracing the actions concerned with loading, substituting and using fonts. The package accepts the following options:

Write all information about font changes, etc. but only to the transcript file unless an error occurs. This means that information about font substitution will not be shown on the terminal.

Show all font warnings on the terminal. This setting corresponds to the default behaviour when this tracefnt package is not used!

Show all font warnings and all font info messages (that are normally only written to the transcript file) also on the terminal. This is the default when this tracefnt package is loaded.

In addition to what is shown by infoshow, show also changes of math fonts (as far as possible): beware, this option can produce a large amount of output.

Show the names of external font files when they are loaded. This option shows only `newly loaded' fonts, not those already preloaded in the format or the class file before this tracefnt package becomes active.

Turn all font warnings into errors so that LaTeX will stop.

Warning: the actions of this package can change the layout of a document and even, in rare cases, produce clearly wrong output, so it should not be used in the final formatting of `real documents'.

Rainer Schoepf
Thu Jul 31 16:42:26 MEST 1997