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The fontenc package

Users can select new font encodings using the fontenc package. The fontenc package has options for encodings; the last option becomes the default encoding. For example, to use the OT2 (Washington University Cyrillic encoding) and T1 encodings, with T1 as the default, an author types:


This package loads the encoding definition files (<ENC>enc.def files) for each font encoding <ENC> given as an option but not already declared; it also sets \encodingdefault to be the last encoding in the option list.

LaTeX currently predefines the OT1 and T1 text encodings, and provides the files OT1enc.def and T1enc.def. Other encoding set-ups might be added to the distribution at a later stage.

Thus the example above loads the file OT2enc.def and sets \encodingdefault to T1.

Note: If you wish to use T1-encoded fonts other than the `cmr' family then you may need to load the package (e.g. times) that selects the fonts before loading fontenc (this prevents the system from attempting to load any T1-encoded fonts from the `cmr' family).

Rainer Schoepf
Thu Jul 31 16:42:26 MEST 1997