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This is the only configuration file that must be present. During installation, if LaTeX cannot find a file with this name then a default file texsys.cfg, consisting entirely of comments, is written out and used. Note that, until this file has been read, LaTeX is not able to test reliably whether a given file exists on the system.

The contents of the file texsys.cfg allow LaTeX to cope with various differences between the behaviours of different TeX systems, mainly in relation to file handling. The default version of this file contains, in its comments, possible settings that may be needed for a range of TeX systems. For more information, typeset the file ltdirchk.dtx.

If you have copied your LaTeX installation from a computer that used a different operating system then you may well have a version of texsys.cfg that will make it difficult to install LaTeX on your system. If this happens then start the process again with an empty texsys.cfg file; this will produce an installation that should, at least, allow you to typeset the documentation. However, it is possible that LaTeX can still find only those files that are in the current directory; in this case you must set the macro \input@path correctly for your system.

Rainer Schoepf
Thu Jul 31 16:41:25 MEST 1997